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I’VE ALWAYS TRIED TO CONNECT PEOPLE BUSY WORKING IN THE LIMINAR FIELD WHERE ARTS AND HUMAN BODY MEETS, WHERE PASSION MARRIES TECHNIQUE. In my life I’ve met special people working on the body-mind connection, adding herbal wisdom, musical background and dance or theatre of course. I am thankful those friends of mine exist in their human form.

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Authenticity and Teachers
All that you've been learning is a jewel. You can make it brilliant if you give it back with authenticity and self respect and respect...
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Piracy, passport, soul
You all know about this sense of superiority when telling something like “Oh you know what he/she said or have done to me?”. So I...
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A sudden flesh on flash, compassion, health and Mother Earth
              Lavinia Magliocco is a terrific bodyworker, Pilates teacher and artist. She is a compassionate soul, full of passion and empathy. She is passing...
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The State of Mind called Beautiful
    Sayadaw U Pandita è il successore di Mahasi Sayadaw. È morto due anni fa, era nato nel 1921 ed è stato l'abate del...
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LINFA. FOGLIA. SCORRERE(Anche quando lavoriamo con il corpo lavoriamo con le coscienze) In questi giorni con Jonas (AT teacher e assistente di Milne con craniosacrale)...
INSEGNARE A GRUPPI Ovvero: Il “conosci te stesso” passa per le ossa e ha la pazienza per carburante
Chi insegna movimento, qualsiasi tipo di movimento a gruppi, specie se si tratta di performers in crescita, deve tenere conto di ogni dettaglio. Questo presuppone...
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Filo Fluido published by Elephant Journal
Elephant Journal published my article about swimming and meditation.       SWIMMING & MEDITATING: THE PERFECT COMBO You might have heard about the Taoist “being water”...
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Respicĕre (Not just for the International Women’s day)
Love yourself it's stemming the tide of verbal and physical aggressions. Take some distance from the ones constantly interrupting you. Be thankful for the ones...
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10 things I’ve understood having my therapist sick
Becoming the guru of yourself means being able to live a life with the lightness you deserve. You become the witness of the strenght within...
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