Authenticity and Teachers

All that you’ve been learning is a jewel. You can make it brilliant if you give it back with authenticity and self respect and respect for others. The more I learn the more I see authenticity and “no-need-to-rush”attitude they go together. Calm mind as well. No fear is another aspect.

The world now is full of people guiding, giving statements. And some people get even lazier because the spiritual supper the it is ready. Action is essential indeed. Movement is natural and essential as well. But actions need to be done. When I can’t take a decision I start walking. A lot. A lot. It can be rainy or snowing outside, I have to walk. In this gap all is suspended and animals and trees are there to give signs. Sometimes also other human beings.

Authenticity is not something you get and give al the time but the more I live the more I aim for it. That is why I had also superskilled and good teacher but what they thought me is somewhere far, even the very technical stuff. Because I was smelling they were untrue. I had other trainers, they were less solid, more “the work-in-progress” kind. But they thought me how to protect a group, how to create an action to make things sacred for myself in order to give back to others something precious. And they thought me what it is not to give a fuck about opinions of others on my private life and personal decisions. They thought me not to hide when you are tired but also not to use it as an excuse to drop on others.

That is why the job of a teacher or a guide is for me to get to know her/himself better all the time and not take anything for granted. How am I behaving in a close, intimate relationship? What did I found out about the worries inside my heart and what can I do for them? Is there a chance I can learn from others even if most of the time it is me teaching to others? What satisfaction is to me? Do I understand my inner time and can I easily tell when a rest is needed? Do I give energy to people nourishing hatred, judgemental behaviours? Can I truly enjoy my solitude?

This movement of self questioning should be a constant in life, together with fun, relax and other stuff. But it should be a constant on the road of healthy non-defensive functioning, loving kindness and maturity.

Image – Indian teaching young brave the art of the bow and arrow by Boston Public Library, via Flickr

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