The Meditation Project – 1. Paris (Ozan Tea)

The Meditation Project is conceived as a tool for everyone to get back to the idea that meditation is something different for each of us.

There are some yoga or taiji or some eastern discipline schools, academy and similar, that will probably try to convince you or give specific skills as like as there is only one meditation method (theirs, of course) that would work for you.

Other honest and real teachers will introduce you to a technique, not forgetting to explain that there is not just one method.

In fact, every method is a method.

The patience you put to improve the repetition and the heart you give to the practice, those are the factors that will really make the difference.

I’ve met Ozan years ago when I was walking onin a street dans La citè jolie, an aera near the Père Lachaise cemetery. I’ve seen this man sitting, smoking, reading, drinking dark coffe and I had the inner voice shouting: Stop, go back, talk to that man.

That day our relationship and true enquiring about society and art started and never stopped. He is a theatre director, politic and social researcher, deep expert about Nikolaï Tchernychevski’s philosophical and artistic enquiring.

This picture has been took not too far in the past, we were sitting at L’artiste, one of our favourite place for coffe in Paris. It was 18.30 on the 12/12/2014, raining outside, when I first asked for him: “Alors, que este-ce que est la meditation pour toi?”

So, what is meditation for you?

He kindly smiled and hand-mimed: “Marcher, pour moi c’est marcher.”




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